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Lobster and bubblebath foam. Jimbarang, Bali, Indonesia

by Heini Hirvonen
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Jimbarang is famous for its three temptations: delicious seafood, gorgeous sunset, and a beach that forces you to race in the water as fast as you can.


Jimbarang, situated at the southern edge of Bali, is a handy half an hour’s drive from Bali’s touristy beaches. In just a few days, we got tired of the hustle and bustle and of being constantly bombarded by people selling sunglasses, fruit, saris, and ice-cream. Jimbarang was what the locals recommended for a day trip for new experiences – and aptly so.

Thanks to its finely folded sandy ground and low waves, the beach at Jimbarang is well suited for those with gentle toes, or for families with kids. The small village has grown around the beach and besides the restaurants and the beach there really isn’t much to see. We tend to be more into frolicking in the water than laying on the sunbeds, so we parked at the edge of the bay for lunch.


It was enjoyable to sip a drink under the sunbrella and take turns floating in the white foam we knew from bubblebaths. The waves rocked you gently; just enough so that you could sit and float for several meters in a state without gravity. In addition to us, there were only a few enamoured couples on the beach.


As the dusk began to set in, the waiters carried the tables and chairs all the way to the water’s edge. The sea had drawn itself far in thorughout the day. Soon there were flickering flames from candles on all tables. Somewhere far away the minaret player the five o’clock song of prayer. Here in Indonesia the minarets’ foresingers reminded us of what time it was.

At just the perfect moment, a busload of Chinese tourists emerged. Suddenly the beach wasn’t empty any longer.

The restaurant tables were filled with people talking and clinking glasses. We ordered really tasty grilled sea food dishes, and plates of lobster, fish, shrimp and all kinds of dressings and delicacies kept appearing on the table.


Hanna slept soundly in her stroller.


We marveled at the nature’s wonders once more. The last riders of the sunset vanished with the sun.


Quick guide to Jimbarang, Bali, Indonesia

  • The taxi from Kuta to Jimbarang Beach costs about 50,000 rupees and depending on traffic takes about half an hour. Unless you get a taxi with a meter, agree on the price beforehand.
  • Sunset at Jimbarang begins at 5:30 PM, depending on the season. If you want the best table by the water, plan on arriving much earlier.
  • Jimbarang is famous for fresh seafood. It’s a good idea to order things you don’t want to spend all the money on at home—lobster, giant shrimp, and other specialties.
  • The prices at Jimbarang are cheaper than at your basic touristy destinations. A delicious seafood dinner for two adults and two kids, with drinks and desserts, only cost about 300,000 rupees.
  • The beach is kid-friendly and consists of fine sand. During the day the beautiful beach is almost empty and doesn’t get busy before the sunset when a few busloads of tourists arrive.

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