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Magic of the forest – Nuuksio, Finland

by Heini Hirvonen
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Throughout the years, I’ve spent quite a few weeks roaming the wilderness in Nuuksio National Park, Finland. I can still feel the smell of smoky campfire on my hiking clothing, and remember how fast we, on a hot summer day, ditched our heavy backpacks and plopped in the cool forest pond, screaming. Campfire coffee never tastes as good as in the morning, listening to the loon’s wail. Our love story, too, started in the midst of wilderness, on a hiking trip up north in Lapland.

But then something happened: the world carried us away and the visits from our home in Espoo city to any place further than the Pirttimäki outdoor area or the tiny swimming ponds of Nuuksio National Park were few and far between. Before now! If you have had the same thing happen, don’t wait any longer. It’s worth going to Nuuksio, even if for a couple of hours.


Hiking trip to Nuuksio

As it tends to go with so many wonderful things, we, too, got excited about Nuuksio in a whole new way thanks to our friends. The girls behind the travel blog Rimma + Laura decided to arrange their first reader excursion to Nuuksio on Nature Day.


The excursion lasted two-three hours, but it was long enough to have time to hike a mini loop called Päivättärenpolku, grill some sausages, and munch on raisins by the fire pit at Aarnituli. It was fun to just talk with friends and other families with kids, to snack on our packed meals, and to grill some marshmallows. After the hike we got acquainted with Haltia Nature Centre’s gorgeous exhibitions on nature experiences.

Nothing special happened during the day, really, yet we left feeling like we had been on a vacation. Is that what they mean by “magic of the forest?”


Read more and get inspired on what you can do in Nuuksio and at the Haltia Nature Centre. Below you can also peek into a video on our feelings about it.

Visit Espoo: Näe ja koe Nuuksio
Visit Espoo: Matkusta ja majoitu Nuuksiossa
Haltia luontokeskus: Mitä Haltiassa tapahtuu
Nuuksio Resort

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