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Vacation daydreaming & travel inspiration 2017

by Heini Hirvonen
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Would you like to hear where we will be traveling spring-summer 2017? And what about you: are you looking for travel inspiration? How about we get inspired about travel-dreaming together?

“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.”

Anais Nin

Vacation daydreaming & holiday inspiration

When traveling has entered your heart and it’s there to stay, it feels like no corner of the world is impossible to go to, and no place is out of reach. There is always a way to find those dirt-cheap airline tickets or other great deals that you just can’t say no to.

After our trip to Japan, we decided (”Not we – the credit card did,” says a voice from the couch) to take a few months’ break from traveling and think about which part of the world whispers our name. As you can imagine, it ended up being a complete cacophony of voices: the family’s travel destination bucket list is quite extensive. The hardest part is, after all, making the decision on where to go to and how and what kind of experiences to try to get on the trip.

“We should learn that we don’t need to try to experience it all at once. The vacation pace ought to be different from the everyday life pace.”

Virve Kähkönen

Homeland travel inspiration

After Japan we have, through different incidents, ended up on separate trips. Emma and Laura went skiing at Levi in the sunny spring weather with their god-family. Can you imagine? The kids travel and we are (stuck?) at home. It won’t be long before the older girls travel on their own with their friends.

Thanks to our chronic state of travel-longing, we have warmed up to traveling near after all of the traveling far. Our travel fever has been rising especially thanks to the beautiful photos and the domestic travel blogs. Are you yet acquainted with the stories and pictures of Finland in the picturesque travelblog Fall Into Finland? This blog, if any, will open your eyes to the beauty of Finland’s nature.


Our spring traval plans

Where will our family head for domestic travel? Last year we skipped the beautiful archipelago and the lakes because of our trip around the world, so this year we will head for the Archipelago Trail, go boating in the Inkoo and Espoo archipelago, and head for Åland and Hanko. As far as the rest of Finland, we’ll drive to the beloved scenery of the Mikkeli cottage, and to Imatra and Ostrobothnia. Wait – how many summer weekends were there again…?

I need the sea because it teaches me.

Pablo Neruda

Travel inspiration abroad

What does our travel calendar look like for going abroad? Timo will stop by Berlin for soccer with a surprise group of travelers, after which we will go to London without kids, with a friend couple (because cheap flights and great company).

For spring we have some insanely interesting things in store, but we can’t discuss them just yet – after all, we have to always have something new to share! 😉


Our summer travel plans

We thought long and hard about our summer vacation trips and haven’t booked our flights yet, but we wanted to come up with something new. After a year of active travel, both body and mind require sun, good food and just staying still. We have pondered about easy island-hopping in the Balkan peninsula – Croatia, Montenegro and Greece, to be precise. Have you visited these countries? We’d love to hear your best tips for sailing, accommodation and sights.


Here are a couple of good writings on island-hopping in Greece and the Balkan peninsula that got at least our travel fever to go through the roof and sealed our decision. Cheers to wonderful travel plans and cheers first and foremost to future vacations and to breaking free!

LiveShareTravel: Spetses Island Brighter Greece

Hippie in heels: Croatia

Heart my backpack: Bay of Kotor Montenegro


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