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What does it feel like when dreams come true?

by Heini Hirvonen
Malaysia Langawi Beach
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A tiny little thought starts to brew in your mind. At first it’s just a glimpse, but soon the flame demands more and more space. Softly, it whispers in your ear: when are you going to fulfill your dreams, if not now? Will that time ever come?

Travel tales is a travel blog about around the world trip with Heini, Timo, Laura (10 years), Emma (8 years) and Hanna (17months), and about their many travel experiences after that. Believe it or not, even the trip for after the trip around the world is all but booked.

The idea of a blog began to have a life of its own. During the year and a half of travel-preparations we created several plans. We thought they might bring joy to others planning a similar kind of trip. Through our travel stories we want to share the travel experiences and show how children, too, love new cultures and almost without noticing grow up to become open-minded, worldly people.

Japanese Garden, San Franscisco, California, USA

We have Nella from Kaukokaipuu to thank for the name for our blog, Tarinoiden taival – or Travel tales. She fearlessly started bouncing around name ideas with us when our own thinking began to stall. You can read about Nella’s beautiful travel stories at kaukokaipuumatkablogi.net

Many people have asked us why our dream is a trip around the world and not something else? The answer is simple: we want to give ample time to the people we love the most and combine it with experiencing and seeing new things out in the world. It’s no secret that making dreams come true tastes of bubbling happiness, squeals of joy, wet child-kisses and the kind of exciting like when you are exceeding yourself. We dare to be proud, too, that we had the guts to do this.

What if you, too, tried slowing down for a moment and thought:
What is the most meaningful thing in life to you?
What do you want to use your time doing?
What makes you happy?
On our way to Léon, Castilla y Léon, Spain

Dreams don’t have to be the size of the world. It’s enough if you are happy. Welcome onboard! We are already up in the air. Do you dare to jump?

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