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Pictures of nature, New Zealand

by Heini Hirvonen
Kuvia Kaikouran luonnosta, Uusi-Seelanti NZ
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The pink sun dives in the ocean’s cold embrace. I wrap my fingers tighter around the steaming hot mug of tea and pull the beanie deeper. The mist rolls slowly on the surface of the water and heads for the shore, just like in a Hitchcock movie. The humming of the wind is mixed with the frequent splashing sounds of the waves.

New Zealand and its nature describe well the landscape of the Finnish mind. Nature, one’s own space, and quietness feel very familiar. It’s somewhat similar to standing on the pier by the summer cottage and admiring the deadpan quiet surface of the lake as the loon shrieks.

Pictures of Kaikoura nature

  • 20160607-145920-NZ
  • 20160608-145120-NZ
  • 20160608-140448-NZ
  • 20160609-072235-NZ
  • 20160607-141859-NZ
  • 20160607-142351-NZ
  • 20160607-141649-NZ
  • 20160607-124031-NZ
  • 20160607-135505-NZ
  • 20160608-132453-NZ

Hike to watch the little seals of Ohau waterfall

The hike to the Ohau waterfall doesn’t take more than 10 minutes and at the same time you get to gawk at the funny little seals that jump up the stream and then soon back into the ocean. The joy and games of the swimming baby seals is an enjoyable watch. The seals’ excitement was contagious and our girls spotted them not only from the waterfall, but from behind trees and rocks.

  • 20160609-100048-NZ
  • 20160609-095236-NZ
  • 20160609-094402-NZ
  • 20160609-095027-NZ
  • 20160609-094339-NZ
  • 20160609-100059-NZ
  • 20160609-100626-NZ

  • 20160609-100119-NZ


Whale watching on the Kaikoura sky

What does it feel like to see whales come up from air near Kaikoura beach from a bird’s eye view? Very tiny, is the answer. Hanna falls asleep to the humming and swaying of the propeller plane, so the rest of us have time to admire the whales – longer and even bigger than ships – swimming close to the surface. The whales spray water and swim near the surface for a few minutes before the deep dive down, their tails proudly erect.

  • 20160608-101302-NZ
  • 20160608-105107-NZ
  • 20160608-101928-NZ
  • 20160608-101936-NZ
  • 20160608-104124-NZ
  • 20160608-104146-NZ
  • 20160608-104330-NZ
  • 20160608-104332-NZ
  • 20160608-104820-NZ
  • 20160608-105553-NZ

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